[Mabinogi] Fisting all day long ~*

Yep with Generation 16 up and about, I feel like getting in a ton a levels…however, I always end up being Shakespeare. Rank 1 skills sound nice and all, but give me a cut of that EXP D: He doesn’t even have Composition at Rank 1 or even Campfire! Some bard he is… >w>…In unrelated news…I’m saving the world…with a pillow.

Oh ya…I hear you all right…let me go back to sleep cause I’m totally hallucinating right now…

[Mabinogi] Running Around isn’t fun…

I never knew Price was so far…o.e I’d escort myself but it seems like running around is outdated nowadays. I often pass people doing commerce and even the guys on foot outrun me. It gets depressing to not have a mount. My free 7-Day Thoroughbred lasted long enough for Generation 1…but now here in Generation 2, I’m stuck running back and forth with the possible chance to miss Price while heading to his next location.

[Mabinogi] Server Hijinks in Alexina…and a Finality to the events.

Got on today to find that Channel 2 has recently crashed…and got on Channel 3. Soon I went ahead and moved into Channel 5.  Channel 3 crashed soon after, then shortly Channel 4 had crashed….I know Nexon has a reputation of no keeping up with servers and tickets and update of that sort…but it get ridiculous after a long time…Even then they have bad security too…I’m just trying to do Generation 1 here…and the last thing I need is to get kicked off the game while doing important quests in where the damage is irreversible…

So before channel 5 would face the inevitable crash, i moved to to Channel 3, which had rebooted. I don’t really mind that there’s no event server, but Channels 2 and 4 are stuck in a “Server Booting” Limbo…that’s not good since I’m usually in Channel 2. Currently displeased, but as long as I get some of G1 done, I’m fine with that.

Moving on…

I FINALLY got my Cat Ears >w<! I’ve been hunting forever and I finally got them on my Snow Owl, Fuyuroku (A pun on Furyoku, a term used in Shaman King)!

Also went ahead and gave my Anti-Fomor Robe I won to Saria since She had no robe whatsoever...looks cute on her >w<!

I’m so happy and I feel content…I also finally got my White Tiger items and I’m a proud full fledged White Tiger =^^=!

owo Tiger go rawr D:<

[Mabinogi] Generation 1 and Pet event

Sure as been a long time since I touched any generation quests. Generation 1 seemed a bit faster than usual. Back when I started it seemed like it’d take forever…now it’s blazing though it and usually easy…makes me wonder what’s the catch xD…

Meanwhile, in Ciar…I’ve gotten nothing but craps, but a few upgrade stones. Unfortunately they are practically dirt cheap >-< so much for super kick start on gold. xD

.o. Kitty ears are avoiding me…as well as White Tiger Gloves >-<!