The Enlightenment is Upon Us!

As you know, Mabinogi had been hit pretty hard with the newest patch, the Enlightenment. This patch has caused some rather odd upbringings and has made several people slightly richer, if not even more rich than before. I will briefly outline what happened:

  • Eabha in Taillteann now accepts All alchemy crystals used by skills in the past in exchange for gold. Those who hoarded those crystals are now richer.
  • Stat rebalance either make or break mages. Those with higher int will feel more damage but at the same time, those with lower int are either forced to work harder or quit maging entirely.
  • Alchemy is now stat based. This made or break pure alchemists.
  • Various crap I’m too lazy to say so here a link:

Anyways I have some rather odd concerns for what’s coming ahead:

  • Why suddenly give this to us? None of us are super adaptable. I mean I haven’t changed by much but some people can’t keep up with changes. Shoulda posted an update log sooner.
  • Alchemy and Mages seems to be advancing to even surpass most melee classes. What will happen to dual wielding swords if many people converted to mage/alch?
  • Why are you even reading my opinions?

With that said, I hope things will work out as time passes.


Renes Egg-Guarding Expeience after…2~3 years…

I have to say, revisiting this insane quest is quite fun 😀 For the firs time in awhile, I actually had fun killing stuff, despite my gear becoming broken. The input is rather large, as you have to constantly heal the eggs every chance you get. Once you get that out of the way, then you can carry on. The mobs gets super power and start tanking the one shots you could earlier on.

If you’re looking for a large challenge with a big pay off as you make it through the tougher rounds, then I suggest gathering the best of the best of your friends and try to aim for the top, that is Round 16! Getting there requires 112 phases of non-stop spawning and the monsters will be at their peak strength. I wish anyone the best of luck getting passed Round 16, or at least the first half. My personal record is Round 14, and anyone that beats that earns respect points in my book.

Back from a Mabinogi NA Hiatus…and good fortunes :D

Formed the bridge that linked Rano to Connous :O! I am very happy. I also made a new Character for Puppetry. It’s been a childhood dream of mine to be a puppeteer, but now I can actually do it in a game :D! I nearly mastered Pierrot Marionette in a day thanks to the Double Rainbow earlier yesterday. I also got a Bone Dragon. >.< So happy I own one now :D…

Me on my Puppeteer, Xhu. Complete with my new Dragon pet and Proof I made the bridge!

Haven’t been around…not much to say

Taking an off break from a lot of things due to life things such as college…personal life…friends, family, and the like. not to mention I took a short trip to little Japan and it was fun o -o…

I didn’t do much other than visit a couple friends that also play the Japanese servers in Mabinogi. Other than that, not much to tell…


Until next time I suppose. Hopefully I’ll keep track of this more often O-o;;

[Mabinogi] Fisting all day long ~*

Yep with Generation 16 up and about, I feel like getting in a ton a levels…however, I always end up being Shakespeare. Rank 1 skills sound nice and all, but give me a cut of that EXP D: He doesn’t even have Composition at Rank 1 or even Campfire! Some bard he is… >w>…In unrelated news…I’m saving the world…with a pillow.

Oh ya…I hear you all right…let me go back to sleep cause I’m totally hallucinating right now…