The Age of Merlin thoughts

Earlier in the week, Mabinogi has recieved an update geared towards mages. The Age of merlin is upon and thou shall be smited by thy fury of the elements!

I feel rather indifferent about this patch, though now I have more reason to work on magic. I always found magic as more of a utility skill, much for set ups and self mending. But now, magic has become much more than that with the recent updates. So far Merlin has proved well for mages, now that bolts can hit on par, if not higher than Intermediate Magic in terms of DPS (Damage per second). That’s a good thing considering how low bolts can do.

Other than that, Merlin is also one of five Ace (or Hero…make up your mind >-<!) talents. If you are a mage, you will greatly benefit from it. If you are starting, then you will have much more fun than I did…

Free Pet! Get yours…at your own risk. [Updated]

It appears Nexon has goofed and put a pet in the shop that is for 0 NX. What makes it more inviting is the “Free” tag. Even worse matters you can obtain up to 5, or even exceed that number. Why would anyone want more than 1 is beyond me. Personally, I feel one of a single pet is good enough and any duplicates shall be punished (unless you can color change them)!

If you do “buy” one (since you go through the same process as if you were to buy a pet), I would advise doing it at your own risk…seriously.

Update: It appears Nexon is now aware and a pending announcement is now expected. You can still obtain the bear however…but threads related to the bear are now either being delete or placed as “hidden…” whatever that means.

Update 2: Turns out it was intended…just no so early! Anyone with multiples are forced to delete the extras and will be limited to 1 per account. So be prepare…Christmas comes early this year (lolwut…?)

Update 3: It’s official! Everyone, both new and old players, can enjoy a piece of Holiday Cheer! From now until the 31st of December, 2013, the bear will be available for all! (Limit one per customer, restrictions apply. See your local Nexon for more details…okay I’ll stop) Get yours today!

The Cursed Labyrinth, and thoughts on it.

As you know, 3 days ago, a new event was unveiled! To my surprise, I instantly fell in love in the event and will be sad to see it go away when it does. It is an elaborately planned event, and I must say it is pulled off very well! I instantly fell in love, on what would be scary for some, a little girl in white. There’s more to her story than meets the eye!

How to say no to this cute girl? She’s so innocent!

You should really check it out! More information can be found on Mabinogi’s Nexon Site, as well as an in-depth page on Mabinogi World’s Wiki on the “Cursed Labyrinth Event!”

Black Flamemares!…disspointed D:

Welp, if you have kept up with Nexon events more than I keep up this blog (lolwut?), logging in or channel changing right about…now will mark 30 days if you had logged in everyday. Sad to say I am disappointed. I was looking forward to a random colored horse only to find…everyone gets black. Seriously.

Anyways Enjoy, what will soon be 90% of Mabinogi:

Yep...I am no satisfied...oh well, gotta do what you gotta do.

Yep…I am not satisfied…oh well, gotta do what you gotta do.

The Enlightenment is Upon Us!

As you know, Mabinogi had been hit pretty hard with the newest patch, the Enlightenment. This patch has caused some rather odd upbringings and has made several people slightly richer, if not even more rich than before. I will briefly outline what happened:

  • Eabha in Taillteann now accepts All alchemy crystals used by skills in the past in exchange for gold. Those who hoarded those crystals are now richer.
  • Stat rebalance either make or break mages. Those with higher int will feel more damage but at the same time, those with lower int are either forced to work harder or quit maging entirely.
  • Alchemy is now stat based. This made or break pure alchemists.
  • Various crap I’m too lazy to say so here a link:

Anyways I have some rather odd concerns for what’s coming ahead:

  • Why suddenly give this to us? None of us are super adaptable. I mean I haven’t changed by much but some people can’t keep up with changes. Shoulda posted an update log sooner.
  • Alchemy and Mages seems to be advancing to even surpass most melee classes. What will happen to dual wielding swords if many people converted to mage/alch?
  • Why are you even reading my opinions?

With that said, I hope things will work out as time passes.

Renes Egg-Guarding Expeience after…2~3 years…

I have to say, revisiting this insane quest is quite fun 😀 For the firs time in awhile, I actually had fun killing stuff, despite my gear becoming broken. The input is rather large, as you have to constantly heal the eggs every chance you get. Once you get that out of the way, then you can carry on. The mobs gets super power and start tanking the one shots you could earlier on.

If you’re looking for a large challenge with a big pay off as you make it through the tougher rounds, then I suggest gathering the best of the best of your friends and try to aim for the top, that is Round 16! Getting there requires 112 phases of non-stop spawning and the monsters will be at their peak strength. I wish anyone the best of luck getting passed Round 16, or at least the first half. My personal record is Round 14, and anyone that beats that earns respect points in my book.

The Saga: Iria Aftermath and thoughts.

I really should get around to doing this more…

Anyways I completed the Saga of Iria and I gotta say…it was very anticlimactic at the end. With the third goddess finally revealed, she doesn’t really do much except launch fireballs all day with her floating stones.

The storyline present was rather interesting. It brings up several more questions than anwsers. Not much to say at all. You can read a rather large synopsis at this link:…#Generation_18:_The_Saga_of_Iria

Enjoy. Also I got my Perseus and it is sitting at Lv60 now 😀 I am going to push it to somwhere around Lv100 maybe…it’s Mana is way to low for holy rushes :c

Here’s my Perseus as of yesterday:

Yeah I try WAYYY too hard... x.x;;

Yeah I try WAYYY too hard… x.x;; (see full sized for better view)