The Cursed Labyrinth, and thoughts on it.

As you know, 3 days ago, a new event was unveiled! To my surprise, I instantly fell in love in the event and will be sad to see it go away when it does. It is an elaborately planned event, and I must say it is pulled off very well! I instantly fell in love, on what would be scary for some, a little girl in white. There’s more to her story than meets the eye!

How to say no to this cute girl? She’s so innocent!

You should really check it out! More information can be found on Mabinogi’s Nexon Site, as well as an in-depth page on Mabinogi World’s Wiki on the “Cursed Labyrinth Event!”


Black Flamemares!…disspointed D:

Welp, if you have kept up with Nexon events more than I keep up this blog (lolwut?), logging in or channel changing right about…now will mark 30 days if you had logged in everyday. Sad to say I am disappointed. I was looking forward to a random colored horse only to find…everyone gets black. Seriously.

Anyways Enjoy, what will soon be 90% of Mabinogi:

Yep...I am no satisfied...oh well, gotta do what you gotta do.

Yep…I am not satisfied…oh well, gotta do what you gotta do.