Renes Egg-Guarding Expeience after…2~3 years…

I have to say, revisiting this insane quest is quite fun 😀 For the firs time in awhile, I actually had fun killing stuff, despite my gear becoming broken. The input is rather large, as you have to constantly heal the eggs every chance you get. Once you get that out of the way, then you can carry on. The mobs gets super power and start tanking the one shots you could earlier on.

If you’re looking for a large challenge with a big pay off as you make it through the tougher rounds, then I suggest gathering the best of the best of your friends and try to aim for the top, that is Round 16! Getting there requires 112 phases of non-stop spawning and the monsters will be at their peak strength. I wish anyone the best of luck getting passed Round 16, or at least the first half. My personal record is Round 14, and anyone that beats that earns respect points in my book.


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