The Saga: Iria Aftermath and thoughts.

I really should get around to doing this more…

Anyways I completed the Saga of Iria and I gotta say…it was very anticlimactic at the end. With the third goddess finally revealed, she doesn’t really do much except launch fireballs all day with her floating stones.

The storyline present was rather interesting. It brings up several more questions than anwsers. Not much to say at all. You can read a rather large synopsis at this link:…#Generation_18:_The_Saga_of_Iria

Enjoy. Also I got my Perseus and it is sitting at Lv60 now 😀 I am going to push it to somwhere around Lv100 maybe…it’s Mana is way to low for holy rushes :c

Here’s my Perseus as of yesterday:

Yeah I try WAYYY too hard... x.x;;

Yeah I try WAYYY too hard… x.x;; (see full sized for better view)


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