[Mabinogi] Running Around isn’t fun…

I never knew Price was so far…o.e I’d escort myself but it seems like running around is outdated nowadays. I often pass people doing commerce and even the guys on foot outrun me. It gets depressing to not have a mount. My free 7-Day Thoroughbred lasted long enough for Generation 1…but now here in Generation 2, I’m stuck running back and forth with the possible chance to miss Price while heading to his next location.

[Mabinogi] 98% repair rate? uh-huh…

Simon hates me o.e…he broke my Lennox Glasses by 1 point and shortly after he broke my Emerald’s Classic Celtic Boots by another point of durability. Both items were blessed so I had a 1% chance of breakage…sadly, it was in the one percent margin…this goes to show even a single number can count.

[Rusty Hearts] Leila Avatar ~*

Well the long awaited Leila is finally here! ^^! Unfortunately…I found that playing as a loli dressed up as a lolita was…rather disappointing…nevertheless I did manage to experiment with her and her play style. She sounds like a really high-pitched Roselle, but it could be just, me .o.;; anyways here’s what she looks like in-game.

That is one large dress…on a little girl owo