[Mabinogi] Server Hijinks in Alexina…and a Finality to the events.

Got on today to find that Channel 2 has recently crashed…and got on Channel 3. Soon I went ahead and moved into Channel 5.  Channel 3 crashed soon after, then shortly Channel 4 had crashed….I know Nexon has a reputation of no keeping up with servers and tickets and update of that sort…but it get ridiculous after a long time…Even then they have bad security too…I’m just trying to do Generation 1 here…and the last thing I need is to get kicked off the game while doing important quests in where the damage is irreversible…

So before channel 5 would face the inevitable crash, i moved to to Channel 3, which had rebooted. I don’t really mind that there’s no event server, but Channels 2 and 4 are stuck in a “Server Booting” Limbo…that’s not good since I’m usually in Channel 2. Currently displeased, but as long as I get some of G1 done, I’m fine with that.

Moving on…

I FINALLY got my Cat Ears >w<! I’ve been hunting forever and I finally got them on my Snow Owl, Fuyuroku (A pun on Furyoku, a term used in Shaman King)!

Also went ahead and gave my Anti-Fomor Robe I won to Saria since She had no robe whatsoever...looks cute on her >w<!

I’m so happy and I feel content…I also finally got my White Tiger items and I’m a proud full fledged White Tiger =^^=!

owo Tiger go rawr D:<


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