[Mabinogi] Animal Hijinks

Been running the Animal dungeon for quite some time now…So far I got a Black-eared Panda Head and a Fox cap that is purple…Gonna try to get myself some white Tiger Feet and Gloves for my Robe TToTT please help my tiger if you want D: lol

Save this tiger (aka me) by helping me get gloves D:!

!Nightly Update!

Ran this dungeon so many times now…didn’t get what I wanted…however I did meet a new friend and he gave me the White Tiger Boots for free, and I was trying to help him get some Cat Ear Headbands. I promised him one if I were to get one, so gotta say karma is rather interesting. Another thing is that now i want the Cat ears since I LOVE cats >.<! So I’m farming for a couple of Cat Ear Headbands…

^^;; well there’s always tomorrow…


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