[Minecraft] Minecrafting gone….wrong?

So I finally made myself a pool of lava and a pool of water in my own home. I made my shelter out of the inside of an small island…sadly I accidently broke the wall with water behind it and appearently made my own Obsidian…now to make my economic Nether Portal into a fancy portal o 3o

So far Minecraft is really interesting. Here are some images of my Minecrafted Home. It’s nothing special, but I hope people may enjoy it nonetheless ^^

The pathway to my small little island home. the whole thing is built underground, with the exception of what is above ground.
The Skin used is Kagamine Len v1. My twin chose this skin. I love vocaloids too but I'm more of a miku person. ^^;; I love the Kagamines, just not as much as Miku.

My entrance...looks inviting enough. I usually close off the entrance in the case I leave or want to keep the rain out.

Workspace and two furnaces. Those weird blocks are Glowstones, made from Glowstone Dust arranged in a 2x2 fashion.

Just a bed and another large chest for tools and weapons.

A small pool of lava for burning unnecessary things and a pool of water for making potions...I haven't done a lot of things yet. The Lava is from The Nether...it's more convenient than making a fire every time to burn unnecessary things.

My fanciful gate to The Nether. the way is lit by many torches, as if it wasn't inviting enough...

Going deeper in to home is an empty room that has no purpose at this time...I'm afraid to dig any further in the case of flood...

In the deepest part of my home is this...weird room that I made for no reason...it just looks nice.


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